Bijou Buttfreckle

Image of Bijou Buttfreckle


Hi there! I am a buttfreckle, a smile you can hold in your hand. My mission is to make you smile, giggle, snort and squeal.

I am named buttfreckle because I have a buttfreckle, a special glass bead or charm on my rear. (See the collage photo for a few examples.)

What do you do with a buttfreckle?
Hide it in the medicine cabinet, stash it in your child's back pack for a sweet surprise, throw it at the cat, set it on your desk, throw it at someone’s head to get their attention… the possibilities are endless!

Buttfreckles are handmade and variations occur. Body measures 2.5" tall and 2.5" wide

I am handmade in Austin, TX.

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